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Bitly is definitely a piece of EdTech that when used correctly it is an amazing EdTech weapon, it’s easy to use but so effective and we’re sure you’ll love the results of using it! Put simply, allows its users to copy a web address (or URL) and shorten it; you can also customise a URL which is very helpful for class use.


The reason it is so useful is that often you look at a clip or an activity for children to broaden or strengthen their understanding and this is the weblink that you find: and then we expect eight year olds to type this in! Wouldn’t most adults be disengaged before they finished writing the link! There are a few ways of getting around this but a URL shortener is so easy to do.

Using Bitly

First as a user you will need to go to and register with an email address, once you have done this you are ready to go. Next, click on the ‘create bitlink’ button. Bitly call their shortened links ‘bitlinks’ and the first part of the shortened link is ‘’.

Bitly 1

Creating a bitlink is very simple and then enter the full URL in the box at the top right of the screen. Almost instantly the URL will become a bitlink such as

Bitly 2

There is another step where users can customise this link to something more memorable. This is completely up to you, it will go red if it’s unavailable green if it’s ok to use. It can be a fun game trying to use a bitlink that someone hasn’t.

Bitly 3
Bitly 4

Quick Tips:

Bitly prefers that you use certain characters so when creating the URL for it wouldn’t allow certain characters such as (  /  )  so instead use an underscore, so just bear that in mind. Another idea could be to create a bitlink and to just change the URL when required, that way your class just need the one link and the URL it is linked to could change to suit learning at that time, saving learning time and keeping things simple.

Final Thoughts:

Bitly is a great, quick little way to make the view, typing and sharing of websites a little easier. Also, you can use bitly or google shortener to share files on google drive. I hope you enjoy using it!


Adam, Casey, Cherise and Sim

The EdTech Hub Team