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This is a page dedicated to free resources that we think teachers might find useful in their continued development of EdTech in their Schools.

Is That I.T?

Last year, a couple of use were at a Education Technology (EdTech) Conference called Tech That, which was organised by the terrific Martin Bailey (@Animate2Educate) who also organises the brilliant Tech on the Tyne Conference, see more here.

On the first night, which was a standard Teachmeet in a very open forum, Adam was asked to present, he decided to talk about IT Systems, this included Computational thinking, a Bubble Sort exercise, Databases, Binary and Pixels and finally Flowcharts. The approach Adam takes is to explain these abstract concepts in a practical, physical format, as this helps children to connect to the idea in a concrete way.  Adam was asked by a few coordinators if he could add a copy of his presentation:

Is that I.T?

Please note that we do not own the Flowcharts and they were used solely to demonstrate to the children at Adam’s school and at the Teachmeet.

Please let us know how you get on with it by commenting below, if you use the PowerPoint why and what was the outcome from it.


The EdTech Hub Team